Frequenty asked Queries
How long this project is in existence?
  This project is in existence since 1995.
What are the constraints and difficulties?
  Imparting education to the needy cannot conform to the  local Government’s education policy such as recognition under certain board of education, enormous cost involved in creating the infrastructure etc.
  As a policy, we pay teachers on par with government staff. With restricted resources, maintenance of good staff becomes challenging. Yet, we strive to maintain the standads against all odds.
  The nominal fee collected from affordable children account for only 40 % of the overheads. The rest is always managed by public funding, corporate sponsorship etc.
  Enormous overheads by way of rental payments to govenment for such a poor school. Request is being made to Govt. for reconsideration.
  Time to time managing public problem we carry on with positive attitude.
Why this project is still alive under these extreme crisis?

It is simply easy to give up this project. This extreme situation occured due to the sudden initiative by the Govt. to close down schools. Due to fear, half the children left who still struggle to get educated. Hence we promoted our initiatives for non-formal education. Also a film "Amaithinikku Madal" (Letter to daughter Amaithini by her mother about the travails of education has been made as an awareness film.

Through this school we see a national or even a global issue. Hence we continue to overcome the hurdles, without giving up hopes. This has promoted us to spread our wings for a social movement to be launched shortly.

Do you plan more such projects?
  Definitely yes. Through this school, we would like to implement steps for various education reforms and take it to several needy areas of India. This is a first and foremost footing for our movement.
Are there not volunteers for teaching so that the cost will be cut down?

We strongly believe that “Education is not free. Only educated can be free”. As per ancient Indian tradition, teachers are paid if not in cash at least in kind. With freelancing volunteers, it is difficult to maintain regularity though they render excellent service in sharing their knowledge. It is imperative to have full time faculties to maintain the school in order which also gives employment opportunities.

We do have local knowledge bank of enlightened and retired people who extend their valuable time. It is sometimes constrained to strictly regulate the working hours with the help of volunteers. Hence permanent teachers are required for each class (Pre KG; KG and 5 primary classes) to regulate the children.

Our policy is to elevate the esteem of teachers especially primary teachers. According to our values "Maatha (Mother), Pitha (Father), Guru (Teacher) and Deivam (God) - teacher holds the highest place next to parents. In todays world of technological revolution, parenting is the toughest profession of all. Hence teachers are given the required perks who can contribute enourmously towards moulding the young minds.

How do the children continue schooling after primary level?
  They get admitted in the nearby Govt. or affordable private schools. We help them in this process.
What are the orientation programmes for teachers?

Yes. We undertake seminars and short sessions on child psychology, teaching skills, language skills, interpersonal relations, problem solving skills etc not only to our teachers but also other teachers from various schools.

What is your ultimate goal in education reforms?

Irrespective of all strata of society, attaining analytical abilities in education coupled with academic performance, is our ultimate goal. Our focus will be specially on underpriviledged and needy children.

What are your target projects?
  Atleast inclusion of 100 more deserving schools in our project in Tamil Nadu, S. India in this year.
How can I participate or contribute to  your activities?
  Click Your Participation & Contribution...
How would the extent and reach of the contribution known?
  Regular communication will be sent individually and also regular information will be updated on the website acknowledging every single act of kindness. Annually special functions are being held in which every contribution and its respective usage benefitting larger segment of society would get special mention.
How do you sustain your activities?
  We conduct fund raising programmes.
  We collect nominal fees from affordable parents which sustain 40% of meeting the overheads. Rest are given free education through sponsorship.
  As we have said earlier, well wishers and corporates come forward to lend their helping hands.
  We are in the process of implementing self sustaining programmes through parents.
Can I visit the  school or any other project?

You are most welcome to visit at any time  as per your convenience. Since the school is functioning far inside Kotturpuram  slum area which is slightly difficult to locate, if  we know your programme, we’ll be glad to personally guide you to the location.

Any other queries please contact us
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