Introduction :

Having undertaken extensive public relations with various people and social outfits in Kotturpurm slum area and having won over various mind boggling situations including spurt of legal issues to establish a school for the underprivileged children in tune with our constitution of India drafted by our forefathers that every child has right to education free of cost up to 14 years  (it would have been a lofty plan to call it free , but decided to keep cost of education to bare minimum) the foundation called FICAS (Pronounced as “FYCUS” - Foundation for Innovative CASework on education, economy and environment) promoted since 1995 thus facilitates to launch shortly the nationwide movement.


Objectives :

It is being promoted as purely a social movement. Following are the broad aspects of objectives.

To build national character of high standards unsurpassed by any other nationality and help build corrupt free, ethical, moral and socially responsible citizens.
To draw up foolproof software specifications and logically develop the same for sustained management of citizens’ database which will be useful for electoral reforms and ensure sensitivity of the voters.
Education reforms from primary level to higher education level abolishing the barrier of religion, caste and creed  dividing the society at large.
To promote platform for scientific research, industrial growth, inter linking of knowledge and green revolution especially for the unemployed youth and less privileged.
To coordinate with various environment organisations and promote massive environmental awareness campaigns with the help of school children and youth as part of their social responsibility.
To strive for global peace
Various Activisms in the past:
Steady follow up to acquire & maintain two pieces of lands for the school – extensive involvement in helping slum public, residential association and educational institutions in various legal issues to overcome land encroachments / unauthorised occupations.
Several social programmes such as medical  camps , education awareness rally, environment programmes etc at various times in association with Gurunanak Medical Centre, Stella Maris College, Rotary club, Lions Club  etc
Active campaigning for election process – ways and means of suggestions for improvement during the course of discussion with the Chief Election Officer of Tamil Nadu
Organized public meeting to promote awareness and supremacy of truth and people’s justice in the face of a Supreme court judgement sparing a legitimately elected Chief Minister from holding legitimate office…with encouraging response from the public.
Organized Statelevel conference on Non-Formal Education in association with University of Madras, State Resource Centre (A Government of India Agency) and PRICE, Philip Rajaiah Institute of Continuing education Pvt. Ltd, to save up genuine schools of Tamil Nadu ( In this connection held meetings in several villages)  and Peace March (with participation of parents, teachers and children numbering around 500 )from Manroe Statue to Govt. guest house to stabilise and promote education to nearly 20 Lakhs children all over Tamil Nadu (S.India) and submitted memorandum to Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and His Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu

All the above were achieved without yielding to greasing palms in accordance to our principles.


Conclusion :

With the said objectives and the growing strength of the organisation, every progressive citizen of this world can be part of this movement. This will be useful to promote string issue based pressure groups systematically from scratch to adopt and reform many of the govt. policies keeping in principle the path of non-violence and considering all as permanent friends. 
People Behind the Movement

JSN.  Nimmu  Vasanth

Founder , software engineer and social activist who is well connected to the information industry  by way of profession, to environment and agricultural industry by way of hobby (a plant lover from childhood days, even now maintaining over 500 varieties of plants with knowledge of history and names, took up wasteland project in association with an agricultural expert – project temporarily  shelved for lack of govt. policies but will be taken up in future), connected to film and media industry by way of marriage (Spouses being  directors of a media company Fantas Image Pvt.Ltd- married to Vasanth Kumar, an ace cinematographer and film maker, who fought over a stigmatised illness of the mind ‘Paranoid Schizophrenia / Bipolar disorder’, 25 years of family life with biological son of 18 years and adopted daughter of 13 years) and connected to social world by way of choice to various social organisations.

FICAS – Foundation for Innovative CASework on education economy and environment

Every individual member of the organisation, federation of over 500 schools all over Tamil Nadu comprising of  more than 10,000 families and over hundreds of youth activists.


PRICE, Philip Rajaiah Institute of Continuing Education Pvt. Ltd

Chairperson Dr.Jamuna Kalyani Sreedharan and  over hundred members of the  organisation  which is the only registered firm in India advocating non formal education from primary to post Phd level.

Mrs. Nalini Parthiban who is an educationaist and former principal of Vanavani Mat.Hr.Sec. School (IIT Campus), an acclaimed winner of several awards and laurels connected to aspects of teaching and curriculum expertise, and also a member of curriculum development committee of Government of Tamil Nadu, S.India.

Anticorruption Movement

Headed by Retd. Chief Engineer, PWD, Govt.of Tamil Nadu,  Shri.C.S.Kuppuraj and over 3000 members spread all over Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu Nursery and Primary Schools’ Association

Headed by its founder president Shri. Ananda Arumugam and over 300 members spread over Tamil Nadu State.


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