"If you plan for a decade, plant trees. If you plan for a century, teach children". A famous quote thus says.

If there is one tool which can abolish enormous problems of this earth, it is value & knowledge based education which should have access to all, especially the needy. Here we take on for the cause of education, economy & environment through projects and social activisms.

FICAS – Thy name.

Ficas (pronounced as Fycus) we believe, represents the greenish shrub of Fycus Robusta family. This botanical name is quite fascinating which can be well propagated thus showing the path of knowledge propagation, can be multiplied thus meaning economic growth for the needy in leaps and bounds and can be an eco friendly greenery thus sounding clean and green environment for peace.

Hence the foundation is called FICAS (Foundation for Innovative CASe work On Education Economy & Environment) launched in the year 1995.

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